English for Academic Purposes (EAP)
for Conditional Admission Students

English for Academic Purposes for Conditional Admission students is a full-time English language program offered in one of two formats:

  • 8 week accelerated session scheduled to start in July and finish just before the UBC academic year begins in September (only open to Conditional Admission students),
  • 16 week sessions scheduled to start in January, May or August/September (open to both Conditional Admission students and other students).

As a conditionally admitted student, you are able to enter your undergraduate program after you have passed EAP. If you pass the 8 week accelerated session, you can begin your degree program in September*. Many UBC undergraduate programs only begin in September.

*Please note that if you pass the EAP in the Jan or Aug/Sep session, you may have a break between your EAP end date and your degree program start date.

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Course Requirements

English for Academic Purposes (EAP) has two courses: Reading/Writing and Speaking/Listening.

Conditional Admission students must achieve at least 75% in each of these courses before they can begin their degree program.

Most students complete these courses in a single 8 week accelerated session or 16 week session. If you do not complete the courses the first time you take them, you can repeat them by registering in an additional 8 week term or 16 week session. In some cases, conditionally admitted students who need to repeat courses can delay the start of their degree program until January (check with your faculty department to find out whether this is possible in your case). You have up to 12 months to complete the courses, however, campus housing in September through April is only available to students who have entered their degree programs.

Class Schedule

Conditional Admission students take classes Monday to Thursday from 08:30-15:40 with a break during the day for lunch and homework (see sample schedule below).

Sample schedule Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri
08:30 - 10:10 Reading/
10:20 - 12:00
12:00 - 14:00 Lunch Lunch Lunch Lunch  
14:00 - 15:40 Speaking/

*Language Proficiency Index (LPI): If your degree program requires First-Year English, you must meet the LPI requirement (see the UBC Academic Calendar for details). If your degree program does not require First-Year English, you do not need to take the LPI exam. 16 week sessions include LPI preparation. The 8 week accelerated session does not include LPI preparation.

Dates, Fees and Registration

Fees for EAP are NOT included in your fees for your degree program and are paid separately to the UBC Continuing Studies English Language Institute. DO NOT pay these fees into your UBC student account for your degree program.

As part of your offer of conditional admission to your degree program, you will be provided a link to an online registration form that includes information about fee deadlines. There is no direct link for Conditional Admission students to register for EAP on this website. You must access the online form using the link provided in your offer of conditional admission.

All students will need mandatory medical insurance through iMed. The tuition fee listed below does not include the medical insurance fee, which will be added to your final tuition fee. For more information, see the Medical Insurance section on this page.

Dates Duration Tuition Fee (CDN$)
May 4-Aug 20 2015 16 weeks $6296-full fees due by Apr 4 2015
Jul 6-Aug 27 2015 Accelerated Program 8 weeks $3463-full fees due by Jun 6 2015
Aug 31-Dec 17 2015 16 weeks $6296-full fees due by Jul 31 2015
Jan 11 - Apr 28 3016 16 weeks $6422-full fees due by Dec 11 2015
May 9 - Aug 25 2016 16 weeks $6422-full fees due by Apr 8 2016
Jul 4-Aug 26 2016 Accelerated Program 8 weeks $3602-full fees due by Jun 4 2016
Sep 6 - Dec 22 2016 16 weeks $6422-full fees due by Dec 11 2015

Note:  A $600 tuition deposit will hold a place in any of the above programs until one month before the start of the program.  After this date, the full balance of fees must be paid in order to guarantee your place in the program.

Medical Insurance

You are required to have adequate medical insurance to enroll in UBC ELI programs. UBC ELI’s medical insurance provider is iMed and this will be provided for the duration of your UBC ELI program. iMed fees will be added to your final tuition balance.

Coverage Dates

iMed will provide coverage for the following dates for Conditional Admission students:

Program Dates iMed Coverage Dates Fee (CAD$)
May 4-Aug 20 2015 Apr 28-Aug 26 $240
Jul 6-Aug 27 2015 accelerated session Jul 3-31 $70*
Aug 31-Dec 17 2015 Aug 27-Dec 26 $240

*Students in the accelerated session will be covered by UBC AMS/GSS Health & Dental Plan starting August 1.

For more information about UBC ELI's mandatory medical insurance, visit http://eli.ubc.ca/application/medical-insurance.html.


At the end of EAP, Conditional Admission students are issued a transcript of grades that is sent to UBC Enrolment Services. This transcript shows whether you have successfully completed the program and met the requirements of Conditional Admission. Once you have successfully completed the program, you can proceed into your degree.


Campus Housing:

Conditional Admission students starting their EAP program in May or July are eligible for campus housing from May to late August in Fairview Crescent, a summer student housing facility on campus. Students who successfully complete the program in August are eligible for campus accommodation in one of the fall/winter housing facilities on campus when they begin their degree in September. To do this, they must apply for residence by May 1st and accept their offer of admission by June 1st. Students who do not successfully complete the program in August and do not advance to their degree in September are not eligible for fall/winter campus housing and must make alternate arrangements for accommodation.

Click here for information on campus housing, including application procedures, deadlines and fees.


Homestay is available year round for Conditional Admission students for the duration of their EAP program. Please book homestay early as there are limited spaces available. Click here for information on Homestay.


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