Caohan (China)

Our ambassadors are former students of the UBC ELI who are willing to answer your questions about UBC ELI programs and activities and life in Vancouver.
Caohan - China

Name: Caohan
City: Changsha
Country: China
Studied at the ELI: IEP Fall 2011, IEP Winter 2012, IEP Winter 2013

As a student, not only did I substantially improved my English language skills, but I also made many friends from different countries. Studying English has not been boring anymore since I started my study at the ELI.

I do not really remember the clubs' name, but I do remember that I took part in volunteer work, laser tag, karaoke, whistler trip and so forth.

At the ELI, everything is interesting. My favourite time was lunch break. During the time, I chatted with CAs and other students, and this is effective way of practicing English everyday.

Right now, I am waiting for my results of my applications to several universities in Canada.

Advice: First, clarify your purpose of learning English. Second, remember that studying English is not only happening in classes, so hanging out with other students who do not have your mother tongue is important as well as learning from teachers. Third, have an open mind.

In Chinese:
"我叫宁曹瀚,2010年中南大学毕业,为了留学加拿大,2011来到英属哥伦比亚大学英语语言学院(English Language Institute)学习了三个学期的语言,成功的完成了600级的学习。在这里,除了任课老师,对我帮助最大的要属来自各个不同国家的同学和CA们了,每天用新学的知识和他们交流事件很享受很受益的事。在这里,软硬件设施都很齐全,但是学习终归是自己的事。死读书是行不通的,找到一个合适的目标以及合适的方法才是王道。"