Jun (Japan)

Our ambassadors are former students of the UBC ELI who are willing to answer your questions about UBC ELI programs and activities and life in Vancouver.

Name: Jun
City: Yamato
Country: Japan
Studied at the ELI: Language & Culture Feb-Mar 2012 (now called EGC), IEP Winter 2013, IEP Summer 2013

It was wonderful experiences since it was the first time to expose myself to a different country as well as culture. Of course I was nervous at that time, but I met new friends and awesome CAs (which is very important) at ELI that made me comfortable to stay here.

I pretty much spend my time on sitting beside the SUCA table, so I could join lots of clubs such as Game Show Club, Dessert Club, Pop Culture club and so on. Every club is entertaining and provides us opportunities to make friends and speak more English. Don't miss out I-Night, Seattle trip Whistler trip and much more to have fun during your stay. Also, it's better to get out ELI community to join activities too.

I participated in Homestay program during the monthly program. Now I rent a room and cook meals, clean my room, do the laundry all by myself. There is much greater flexibility which fits me more and is cheaper. Don't need to let host family know where you go, if you need dinner or not.

ELI has experienced teachers, so they already know what we need to focus on. Personally, I've learned tons of things that I never knew before I came here. One thing I really want to mention ELI is that CAs are incredibly fabulous. Don't hesitate to talk to them!! They are always very friendly and kind. I'm sure CAs make a significant difference to my life.

I highly recommend those who wish to go abroad to study English to come to ELI at UBC. Here is the place where you are looking for. Beautiful Vancouver offers you to do many activities beside your study. You'll like it.

Lets make a decision to come here to study. Never regret your choice, which will be one of the best choice you've ever made!! And again, CAs are awesome :D you should talk to them!! I'm very much in favor of UBC ELI.