Leah (Korea)

Our ambassadors are former students of the UBC ELI who are willing to answer your questions about UBC ELI programs and activities and life in Vancouver.

Name: Leah (Seunghwa Han)
City: Seoul
Country: South Korea
Studied at the ELI: Intensive English Program

Hi prospective students, I'm Leah and I spent 8 months at the ELI. I can summarize the ELI with three words: fun, cool, and helpful.

ELI is fun; you will meet a lot of friends who come from various countries all over the world and you will have clubs and activities with your lovely CAs. The memory of photo club, film club-we made Avatar!-, and music club can’t I never forget, and I’ll also remember the fire works at Kitsilano, the Great Race and International Night.

Studying at the ELI means you are in the UBC campus. UBC has a huge campus that I’ve never seen before. There are a lot of libraries where you can study by yourself, beautiful buildings where I happily traveled with photo club, and in very near, a wreck beach where I went whenever I wanted to go in summer; you can enjoy all of them from now on-isn’t it cool?

There are so many kinds of English institution in Vancouver, but I’m sure that the ELI is the best. The curriculum of the ELI is well-organized, teachers are proficient as well as thoughtful, and the CAs are always willing to help you in any way. You can’t help improving your English at the ELI!

In the ELI, I made so many fantastic memories that I had never imagined before I came here, enjoyed campus life, and got English ability. I love ELI a lot and hope you do too.

In Korean:
Leah's Testimonial in Korean