Stephanie (Taiwan)

Our ambassadors are former students of the UBC ELI who are willing to answer your questions about UBC ELI programs and activities and life in Vancouver.

Name: Chun-Ya (Stephanie)
City: Kaohsiung
Country: Taiwan
Studied at the ELI: IEP Fall 2012

Coming to UBC is one of the best choices for me. I learned how to read, write, speak and listen for 4 months. In the reading class, I read the textbook and novel before answering a question. After that, I had to tell all of classmates in the reading class the summary which I read. In the writing class, I wrote a lot of articles to practice my writing. And then, I corrected the mistakes in the article with my partners to improve my writing. In the speaking and listening class, I had to discuss the topic with my classmates. Except that, my classmates and I also had to prepare our presentation. All of them are good for my English skill.

Besides the lesson I mention above, the instructor and the CA are friendly to help me if I had any questions. In addition, there are many kinds of activities, such as ice-skating, Foodie Club, International club, ect. I liked joining those activities because I could make a lot of friends and have fun. Especially, I like Ice-skating because I have never gone Ice-skating in Taiwan. It is a good experience for me.

More importantly, I met a wonderful host-family. I could learn their way of life and eat a lot of different food in Vancouver. Besides enjoying the life there, I celebrate Christmas and Thanksgiving with my host-family. Therefore, I could know all of the members in her family. Moreover, I ate a lot of desserts I have never had before.

Coming to UBC-ELI in Vancouver was the best decisions I have never made in my life. In short period of time, I met lots of friends who come from different countries and knew about their cultures. I will keep these memories at ELI with my all of friends in my mind and never forget this place. I will come back next time and stay longer and longer.

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