Yoshihiko (Japan)

Our ambassadors are former students of the UBC ELI who are willing to answer your questions about UBC ELI programs and activities and life in Vancouver.

Name: Yoshihiko
City: Osaka
Country: Japan
Studied at the ELI: IEP Fall 2013, IEP Winter 2014

I've studied English for 6 months at ELI since I came to Vancouver. I strongly think that ELI, which is in UBC, is a fabulous place where the students can study English comfortably, intensively. There are several reasons why I think so. First of all, there are interesting activities such as a sports activity which takes place on every Friday, a foodie club, sightseeing and so on. I love to participate in these activities, because it’s a good occasion for me not only to practice English with the other students and the CA, who is a real UBC student, but also to make friends. Next, Vancouver is beautiful place. As you know, Canada is abundantly blessed with a terrific natural environmental; therefore, you can see many sorts of animals. You might see a tremendous environment which you can’t experience in your country. Finally, the level of English is quite high. All of the instructors are very clever and they have good understanding how to improve English. Your English ability would improve immediately if you are eager to study. In short, I highly recommend you study English in ELI if you don’t want to lose an awesome experience, or you want to improve English. It's definitely going to be a precious and memorable experience for you.

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