Preliminary English Test

English Language Institute (ELI) programs are for students with elementary to advanced English. We do not have courses for beginners. You can check if your English level is elementary level or higher by trying this Preliminary English test. If you pass the test, you may apply for ELI programs. Please note that we will test your English again after you have registered, and if your score is much lower, we may recommend you attend a different school.

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is waz
ezy his
aet eat
were was

I go everyday work.
I am go everyday work.
I go to work everyday.
I everyday work going.

Ali playing a game.
Ali are play a game.
Ali is playing a game.
Ali is to playing a game.

What is your name?
Waht is you?
Waht your name?
What your name?

Do we going to school?
Does he go to school?
Is he go to school?
Does he went to school?

Choose the correct answer to go in the blank.

6. English is

7. to school?

8. My mother and father are in Paris. went there for a holiday.

9. Julia usually breakfast for her children.

10. The men working outside.

11. The children can football.

12. She like football.

13. How many do you have?

14. Terry to school last year.

She is doing her homework.
She is speaking to her teacher.
She is reading a book.


The washrooms are to the right.
The washrooms are to the left.
The washrooms and classrooms are to the right.


They are working.
They are studying.
They are having fun.


Peter and Jack are best friends. They met when they were nine years old. They have been friends since then. Tomorrow, Jack will fly to Canada to study English at the UBC - English Language Institute. Peter is a little sad. He will miss his friend, but he is glad that Jack has a chance to go abroad. One day, Peter hopes to join Jack in Canada.

Choose "True" or "False" True False
18. Jack is going to study English in Canada.
19. Peter and Jack are nine years old.
20. Peter is happy to see Jack leave.
21. Peter and Jack have been friends for a long time.

Jack is going to go to Vancouver. Vancouver is the third largest city in Canada. It is famous for its mild temperatures and beautiful scenery. There are many interesting things to see and do in Vancouver. People from many different cultures live in Vancouver, so you can find restaurants from all over the world. All this makes Vancouver a popular place to live and for tourists to visit.

He is in Vancouver.
He is in his country.
He is in a restaurant.

It is the third largest country.
It is a large city in Canada.
It is a restaurant that serves food from all over the world.

Jack's country.

Many tourists visit Vancouver.
You can meet different people and do interesting things.
Food comes from different countries.