Please find below answers to your specific ELI questions about refunds, online learning and campus visits. For the most up to date information from UBC please visit the following pages:
Health guidance and vaccines | Coronavirus (COVID-19) and UBC’s response
Travelling to Canada | Student Services (ubc.ca)

Campus safety during COVID-19 | Student Services (ubc.ca) 


Will my on campus program starting on January 4, 2022 be impacted by the Omicron variant?

No, on campus programs at the ELI will remain in person from January 4 - 24, 2022. 

Can I postpone my program?

If you would like to postpone your program, you may select a new start date from any of the dates published at the Dates and Fees page. The new start date must be within one year of the original start date. Your deposit or full tuition will be transferred to the new session at no extra charge. Please email us at eli.registration@ubc.ca at least one week prior to your program start date informing us you wish to postpone your program, and the new program date you wish to enroll in.

Will I get a transcript and grades?

Yes. You receive regular assessment and grades during the online course. More information on assessment is provided by your instructors. Transcripts and certificates are also issued at the end of the course.

Will the course curriculum be the same as in-person classes?

Yes. Instructors are continuing to cover the curriculum and administer all exams online.

How can I find out more about UBC’s response to the coronavirus outbreak?

You can read about UBC’s response, which offers information, resources and answers to frequently asked questions.

How is Homestay affected?

To ensure the safety of both parties in the homestay experience, students will be placed with Homestays based on their vaccination status. A majority of our Homestay hosts are confirmed fully vaccinated and are currently only accepting fully vaccinated students into their homes. Students who are not fully vaccinated at the time of arrival will have the ability to receive vaccination in BC and will be placed in a Homestay that is accepting non-fully vaccinated students subject to availability or, alternatively, referred to a private accommodation such as the Vancouver YWCA : https://www.housing.ubc.ca/self-isolate/vancouver/accommodation/#offcampusoptions​​​​​


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