Global Citizenship through English (GCE) Online Program

Global Citizenship through English (GCE) Online

Study English Plus Current Global Issues

The UBC English Language Institute’s new Global Citizenship through English (GCE) Online program advances your understanding of current global issues while improving your spoken English fluency and accuracy.

Example study topics include:



  • Sustainability
  • Climate Action
  • Ecosystems
  • Green Business


  • Women in Sports
  • Commercialization
  • Sports Culture


  • Families
  • Gender
  • Inter-Generational Relationships
  • Civil Society

4-Week Programs | Flexible Learning

Program Cost: $1,325 

Improve your English fluency and accuracy in live interactive classrooms using UBC’s easy­ to ­use online learning systems. Focus on English communication skills with our highly experienced instructors.

  • Four weeks of instruction, 15 hours per week, sixty hours total
  • Practise English in real time with live video and instant messaging
  • Work in pairs and teams with your classmates from different countries and cultures
  • Take part in projects, facilitated discussions and short talks by guest speakers
  • Join virtual tours of UBC’s campus and downtown Vancouver, and take part in virtual socio­cultural events
  • Receive a certificate of completion
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GCE Global

As part of a top research university you’ll cover content from UBC Faculties on topics such as climate change, and safe, sustainable cities.

GCE Virtual Classroom

In GCE Online, you’ll use the UBC virtual classroom platform. This allows collaborative learning in real­time through videoconferencing, file sharing, and instant messaging taught by ELI experts in language learning.

GCE Graduation Icon

The GCE program includes lots of English language practice with UBC undergraduates from Canada and many other countries around the world. Make more international friends while you enjoy daily socio­cultural events such as Wellness Wednesday, Yoga and Dance classes.

Program Schedule

Monday – Thursday 4:00-6:15pm (PST)

2021 Winter Session

Jan 4 – Jan 21

Jan 25 – Feb 18

Feb 22 – Mar 18

Mar 22 – Apr 15

Apr 19 – May 13

2021 Summer Session

May 17 – Jun 10

Jun 14 – Jul 8

Jul 12 – Aug 5

Aug 9 – Sep 2

2021 Fall Session

Sep 7 – Sep 30

Oct 4 – Oct 28

Nov 1 – Nov 25

Nov 29 – Dec 16

GCE Online runs every month for 4 weeks except in January and December which are 3 weeks.

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