Conditional Admission Program for Undergraduate Studies

For academically outstanding students who do not yet meet UBC’s English Language Admission Standard

If you have a strong record of academic achievement but do not yet meet the UBC English language requirement, you may be eligible for the Conditional Admission Program (CAP), which offers English language preparation leading to undergraduate degree programs.

As a conditionally admitted student, you are accepted into your undergraduate program on the condition that you successfully complete the English Language Institute's English for Academic Purposes (EAP) program.

Who is eligible?

Students applying for conditional admission to a UBC undergraduate program must have:

  • a strong academic record (apart from English language scores) and should rank in the top 50% of students admitted into the prior year’s undergraduate program.
  • met the minimum competence score for entry to the Conditional Admission Program. You can view the minimum scores you need on the English Language Proficiency Index webpage (refer to the right-hand column).
How do I apply?
  1. Apply to your degree program and campus of choice.
  2. Based on your English language test score and academic record, UBC’s admissions professionals will determine if you are a candidate for conditional admission or another one of UBC's Academic English Development Programs.
When is the application deadline?

The deadline for the September 2018 academic year is January 15 2018.

PLEASE NOTE: Contact Undergraduate Admissions in Enrolment Services, if you require additional time to complete your application.

For entry into an undergraduate program beginning in:

  • September 2018, you must successfully complete English for Academic Purposes by the end of August 2018.
What is English for Academic Purposes?

The English for Academic Purposes program is offered in either an 8-week accelerated session (starting in July) or a 16-week regular session (starting in January, May or September).

The English for Academic Purposes offers:

  • training in academic English in a university setting
  • 24 hours of classes plus 4 hours of optional workshops each week
  • an English-only policy to help you learn more effectively
  • the confidence of knowing you have been accepted into your program once you pass
  • the ability to apply for a study permit on the basis that you have been conditionally admitted to UBC
When do I register for English for Academic Purposes?

Once you have been accepted to the Conditional Admission Program, you will be required to register for English for Academic Purposes.

How do I pass English for Academic Purposes?

Conditionally admitted students must complete two courses – Speaking & Listening and Reading & Writing – at Level 600 and must achieve at least 75% in each course. You may complete these requirements in either an 8-week accelerated session, or a 16-week regular session. However, you have up to 12 months to meet these requirements.

What about the Language Proficiency Index (LPI)?

Meeting the LPI is not a requirement for admission to UBC. However, you must meet the LPI requirement if you need to take one or more first-year English courses as part of your undergraduate program. You can meet the LPI requirement by passing the LPI test or qualifying for an exemption. You must meet the LPI requirement by the LPI deadline, and before taking a first-year English course. Detailed information about LPI requirements and deadlines can be found on the Academic Calendar.