Global Citizenship through English (GCE) Online


The new Global Citizenship through English (GCE) Online is a 4-week program for elementary to advanced level students that develops your understanding of current global issues, while focussing on your spoken English fluency and accuracy.

The program content is similar to the on-campus GCE program, but, with the help of UBC instructional design specialists, is developed specifically for online study.

Both versions of the program integrate content and language so students learn content more effectively through English and English through content. We are also including more UBC-specific research topics such as climate change, and safe, sustainable cities.

  • 21 hours per week: 15 direct instruction (synchronous teaching) and 6 independent (asynchronous teaching). Asynchronous study is closely monitored by the instructor.
  • Six levels: upper elementary to advanced (CEFR A2-C1)

GCE is an integrated skills program—reading, writing, speaking and listening—that focuses mostly on speaking fluency and accuracy. Activities include English lessons, projects, facilitated discussions and guest speakers. Students are placed in an appropriate class level, both challenging and comfortable enough.

The online program uses UBC’s virtual classroom platform Canvas as the framework and as the gateway to other online learning tools. Students collaborate in real-time through videoconferencing, file sharing, instant messaging and other tools. GCE Online is an active program, with maximum student engagement and interaction.

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