IELTS Elective Course

If you are a full-time student in English for Academic Purposes (EAP), Intensive English Program (IEP) or UBC Vancouver English Experience Program (UBC-VEEP), you have the option of taking an elective course in addition to your regular studies. You must be enrolled in a full-time EAP/IEP/UBC-VEEP (level 400 or above) to have access to this course. You can only take this elective in the same term/session as the EAP/IEP/UBC-VEEP you are enrolled in, or if you are an alumnus of the ELI and have completed either the EAP, IEP or UBC-VEEP (level 400 or above) programs.

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If you have not yet applied to the EAP/IEP, complete the ELI online application form.

If you have already registered in EAP/IEP, complete the IELTS online application form.