Accommodation Placement Form

If you require accommodation services, please complete this form and return it at least one month before the first day of your program.

Homestay is available year-round. Residence (UBC dormitories) is only available during the summer months for students enrolled in short-term programs.

Note: All accommodation fees are quoted in Canadian dollars (CAD). Homestay and campus stay placement fees are non-refundable. Accommodations are subject to availability.

Please do not arrive in Canada with large amounts of cash, or carry large amounts of cash with you while you are here. Credit cards are widely accepted, and ATM bank machines are available at the airport and throughout Vancouver.

Submit Your Application

To submit your application, fill out the form below. Once you have completed the form, click the submit button at the bottom of the page.

Note: Accommodation applications will be processed only if you have submitted a program application.

* = required information. Your application will not be processed without this information.

Student Information
In case of Emergency
Sponsoring Agency
Please Tell Us About Yourself
If yes, please indicate:
$32-35/night paid directly to your homestay family
If yes, please indicate:
Payment Information
Fee is $100 CAD (non-refundable) / $150 CAD (Effective Jan 2018)
Fee is $200 CAD (non-refundable) / $250 (Effective Jan 2018)
Number of nights x $35 CAD/night or $90 CAD/night
Number of nights x $35 CAD/night

Please note: All accommodation fees are quoted in CANADIAN dollars (CAD). Please refer to Services Offered to select the price specific to your program.

Payment Method

Once you submit the application form the Registration department will send you an email within one business day which will contain a link to payment instructions.

Declaration of Applicant

Note: We will make every effort to meet your requirements as indicated; however, because of the number of students requesting this service, it is not always possible to do so.

  • ELI may take longer to process this application and/or
  • ELI may deny accommodation services.
  • If I plan to move out from my host family's home, I agree to tell the host family 30 days before the day I move.
  • If I plan to move out of residence (campus stay), I agree to advise the accommodation office seven (7) days before the day I move.
  • I agree that no persons other than myself may visit or contact my UBC ELI host family.
  • I agree to purchase adequate medical coverage during my stay in Canada.
Stay Up-to-Date

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We respect your privacy. Your contact information will not be released to others outside UBC.

Personal information provided on the registration form is collected pursuant to section 26 of the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (“FIPPA”), RSBC 1996, c.165, as amended. The information will be used for the purposes of: admission; registration; academic progress; notification of future courses; and operating other UBC-related programs. UBC collects, uses, retains and discloses information in accordance with FIPPA. UBC may share and disclose personal information within the University to carry out its mandate and operations. Information, in aggregate form only, may also be used for research purposes and statistics. Should you have any questions about the collection of information, please contact the Manager, Marketing Services, UBC Continuing Studies, 410-5950 University Boulevard, Vancouver, BC, V6T 1Z3.