UBC ELI Student Housing: Your Home Away from Home

You have 3 options when deciding where to stay while studying at ELI: Homestay, Campus Stay, or Finding Your Own Housing.


Homestay gives you the opportunity to live with a Vancouver family, improve your English, and learn more about Canadian life and culture. You may choose Homestay for your entire stay or for a short time (1 month). Short-term Homestay is available if you need a place to live while you look for an apartment.

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Campus Stay (Residence)

Over the summer, you may choose to live in a UBC campus residence if you are booking with a group. To qualify for booking, a group must have 13 or more students all 19 years of age and older, and the reservation must be submitted by March 31. In residence, you have the opportunity to meet both Canadian and international students and experience life on campus. Bed linens are provided in the dormitory, but you should bring your own towels. There are no kitchens available and meals are not included, but there are many places to eat nearby.

You may be placed in a single or shared double room.

Campus Stay (Residence) Fees

  • Campus placement fee: CAD $250 (non-refundable)
  • Campus accommodation fees: CAD $45/night (for groups of 13 or more)

If you are interested in a Campus Stay, please contact eli.homestay@ubc.ca.

Finding Your Own Housing

Would you like to arrange your own housing in Vancouver? You may also choose to stay with relatives, in a hotel, or in their own apartment. The UBC Student Housing website offers off-campus housing choices, including hostels and apartment rentals.