ELI Strategic Plan

ELI has been contributing to the University of British Columbia’s global engagement for over 50 years through immersive English language programs that integrate outstanding classroom practice, homestay services, and UBC undergraduate-led socio-cultural activities.

Each year, there are over 2,000 registrations from English as an Additional Language learners attending programs ranging from 3 to 48 weeks to further their academic careers, develop their intercultural proficiency and enhance their access to the global community.

The transition to the Faculty of Education in 2021 presented an opportunity to further enhance the Institute’s commitment to intercultural harmony by focusing more directly on these values and contributing to decolonization locally and internationally.

English Language Learning Transformed, the English Language Institute’s Strategic Plan for 2021-2026, was drawn up following the transition. With the guidance of Senior Leadership from Equity & Strategic Initiatives, and from Professional Development & Community Programs, it draws on the work of the Faculty’s strategic plan Learning Transformed, the Indigenous Strategic Plan, the Final Report of the Task Force on Race, Indigeneity and Social Justice, and the Inclusion Action Plan.

Download the Strategic Plan