Health & Wellbeing

For On Campus Student

Medical & Dental Clinics

In Vancouver, clinics are for general health concerns and hospital emergency rooms are for serious cases and emergencies only.

At UBC, the Student Health Service is located at the UBC Hospital and Orchard Commons. An appointment is required to access this service.

You can also go to the University Village Medical & Dental Clinic. They require an appointment.

With your iMed card, you don’t have to pay for your visit if you see a doctor at the locations listed above. You can see a doctor in any other clinic or hospital in British Columbia but you may be required to pay in advance and then submit your receipts to get your money back.

Always call 911 for life-threatening emergencies needing immediate help.

Culture Shock

Culture shock is an experience you might have when you move to a new country and are adjusting to the new environment, culture, and language. Many student experience culture shock and may become frustrated or unhappy for a period of time. This is a normal part of living in a new environment. You are not alone!

Here are some tips for managing culture shock:

  • Give yourself time to adjust, be patient and have a sense of humour when you come across new experiences
  • Get involved in activities outside of the classroom and explore Vancouver sights
  • Keep in touch with friends and family back home and spend time with new friends
  • Manage your stress by eating well, exercising, and getting enough sleep
  • Talk to staff at ELI – the Academic Coordinator, Student and Program Support is always available to help

UBC Fitness & Recreation

You can access the UBC student recreation centre, attend fitness classes and use the swimming pool for a small fee. For more information visit the UBC Recreation website.

For Online Students


You are encouraged to join activities organized by our Cultural Assistants. A calendar or events and links to activities can be accessed through the Socio-Cultural page located on the Canvas Dashboard.

The role of Cultural Assistants is to help you practice and extend language beyond the classroom. You are encouraged to engage in free online virtual tours, cooking classes, games and chats! These events may take place over Zoom, Instagram or Canvas.

For more information, concerns or questions about socio-cultural activities or if you are experiencing problems accessing them, email

UBC Resources

UBC has a variety of wellness activities you can join online while you are an ELI student. Find a listing of self-help tools and other resources at

You can also visit the UBC Student Health Wellness Centre website. However, note that some of the resources indicated here are for the general UBC population and for those studying on campus.