Frequently Asked Questions – Current Students

On Campus Students

You can purchase your textbooks at the UBC Bookstore at 6200 University Blvd.

If you want to try to sell your textbooks you can check the UBC Bookstore for information or use the Buy-Sell bulletin board on the lower floor of the ELI building.

Check the Administration Office on the main floor.

There are many cafeterias, coffee shops and restaurants on campus. Learn more at

If you bring your lunch to ELI, you can eat in empty classrooms or at the tables in the hallway, which has many tables and chairs. There is a student kitchen with a fridge and a microwave. Extra microwaves are available in the hallway.

Visit the UBC Parking website to find parking locations and prices.

There are bike racks all around the UBC campus. Please remember to lock your bike securely, wear a helmet, and use lights.

Please check the Translink website. If you will be using public transportation regularly, please purchase a Translink Compass Card.

To open an account, you will need to bring your passport, a second piece of identification and a document showing your Canadian address (e.g., Homestay confirmation letter). Most banks charge a monthly fee. Show your student ID and ask if they have a special student rate.

Online Students

You will purchase electronic textbooks. You will receive detailed instructions on how to purchase your textbook by email.

If you are having trouble accessing your electronic textbooks, please speak to your instructor.

Your courses are on Canvas, the platform used for all UBC courses.

You can contact your instructors through Canvas or through email. You will receive your instructor’s contact information when you begin your program.

Email your instructor or head instructor, letting them know you will be away.

You should email the registration office at They will help you register and pay your fees.