Campus Safety

Your safety is important to us! Vancouver and the UBC campus are considered to be safe destinations, but it always important to keep your safety in mind! Below are some ways to help you stay safe on campus.

UBC Safe App

To help you stay safe on campus, download the UBC Safe App.

Blue Phone

You will find blue phones at various locations around the campus. They are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and can be used for emergencies, directions and assistance.

Push the button once and you will be connected to the Campus Security dispatcher. For emergency situations always call 911 if you have a phone available.

Learn more about UBC Blue Phones.


To be safe, it is important not to walk alone at night. Safewalk is a free service so that you do not need to walk alone at night. Simply call them and they will send a team of walkers to walk with you.

Call Safewalk at 604-822-5355.


It is important to remember that the ELI building is a public building and open to everyone. Therefore, you should always be careful of your personal belongings. Keep valuables with you and leave items like passports and large amounts of money at home.


International students can be the target of scams where someone tries to get your personal information or money. This can happen over the phone, online or in person. Never feel that you have to give a person or organization money right away. If you are not sure about something or need assistance, ask an instructor, head instructor, or Homestay family.

Fire & Earthquake Safety

In case of a fire, look on your classroom wall for the map to the nearest exit. Clearly the building quickly and calmly. In the case of an earthquake, follow your instructor’s guidance.