Improve your English communication skills and embrace the future we aspire to create.

The UBC ELI Summer High School Program is an immersive and engaging educational experience designed specifically for young English language learners ages 15-18. The program invites learners to explore the interconnectedness of our global community while building English language proficiency skills for real world communication.

Students are supported and encouraged to communicate, self-reflect and think critically on topic areas of personal, academic or professional interest. Classes are active with maximum student engagement, classroom interaction and instructor feedback.

With the ASPIRE High School program, you can:

  • improve general speaking and listening skills
  • enhance vocabulary knowledge, pronunciation skills and spoken grammar for real world communication and everyday situations
  • manage discussions, apply critical thinking skills, and raise awareness of self-correction
  • enjoy flexibility in learning and a variety of activities: group discussions, mini-presentations, role-plays, contact assignments, guest speakers, and gamed-based learning
  • study and make friends with people from around the world
  • communicate with improved accuracy, fluency and complexity while increasing confidence and comfort in English
  • develop communication awareness to engage in respectful and inclusive interactions

ASPIRE High School centers on three main contemporary themes that impact communities around the world.

  • Social Justice
  • Climate Action
  • Digital Literacy (AI)

Program themes are integrated in experiential learning activities that move language development beyond the classroom, immersing learners in hands-on, interactive and cultural experiences in authentic and meaningful contexts. Students explore UBC Campus, popular Vancouver destinations and communities to facilitate experiences that spark curiosity and excitement and serve as vibrant extensions of the classroom.

ASPIRE prepares high school students for future skills, knowledge, and actions by using strategies that integrate and support real world educational goals while infusing exciting and fun content and experiences.

Classes are taught by ELI Instructors at the University of British Columbia, Faculty of Education.

Students receive a UBC ELI Certificate of Participation.

UBC’s only official and exclusive High School English Program. We are dedicated to safeguarding against any misrepresentation or replication.

ASPIRE is designed for 15 – 18-year-old high school students who want to immerse themselves in an English language environment that explores contemporary issues shaping our world today. The program offers a dynamic learning adventure that, not only advances students’ communication skills, but also cultivates a deep understanding of today’s global challenges and opportunities. ASPIRE students are characterized by their curiosity, open-mindedness, and active engagement. They are not only interested in broadening their horizons, but also forming new friendships, embracing life in Canada, and becoming a part of our vibrant ASPIRE community at UBC.


By the end of the course, students will:

  • improve general speaking and listening skills
  • enhance knowledge and use of level- specific lexical content (vocabulary, collocations, idioms)
  • increase accuracy of spoken grammar and identify pronunciation aspects for personal improvement
  • manage discussions, apply critical thinking skills, and raise awareness of self-correction
  • communicate with improved accuracy, fluency and complexity, as well as increased confidence and comfort

Outside of class hours, students participate in variety of fun activities that blend language immersion and adventurous cultural experiences. These programs are led by a team of UBC students called Cultural Assistants (CAs) who play a vital role in creating a supportive and enriching environment for students and facilitating connections and friendships. Partnered with Athletics and Recreation at UBC, students will have access to UBC’s world class facilities and will be supported by their team of coaches and instructors.

To see a sample activity calendar, click here.

Students participating in the program stay in dormitories on the UBC Campus.


Program Date Arrival Date Departure Date
July 14 to July 25 July 13 July 27
July 28 to August 8 July 27 August 10

Time Plan
7:00am-8:30am Breakfast
9:00am-12:35pm Class (Monday - Friday)
12:35pm-2:00pm Lunch
2:15pm-4:45pm Athletics & Recreation Activities
5:00pm-7:00pm Dinner
7:00pm-9:00pm ELI SC Activities

*Schedule is subject to change

All-Inclusive program fee :

  • Tuition
  • Application Fee
  • Campus Stay Placement Fee
  • Textbooks
  • UBC Residence Accommodation
  • UBC Meal Plan
  • iMed
  • Airport pick-up & drop off
  • T-shrit
  • Activities

See Program Dates & Fees.


July 14 to July 25 July 28 to Aug 8
Group Booking Form
Non-refundable Fees* Due 2 weeks from when the booking form is approved Due 2 weeks from when the booking form is approved
Group Registration & Campus Stay Spreadsheet Form April 21, 2025 May 5, 2025
Final Payment deadline June 2, 2025 June 16, 2025
July 14 to July 25 July 28 to Aug 8
Full refund minus the non-refundable fee* June 2, 2025 June 16, 2025
50% refund of the balance June 9, 2025 June 23, 2025
No refund After June 9, 2025 After June 23, 2025

*The $850 fee is non-refundable.

  • If any students don’t have their visas by 6 weeks prior to the start of the program the group’s contact must inform the ELI immediately. They have an option to cancel their registration to receive their 100% of the balance.
  • If students choose to wait for their visas until 7 days before the program begins and receive a visa denial letter, a full refund of the fee balance will be granted, provided that the ELI receives the letter of visa denial within 30 days of its date of issue.
  • Students MUST notify the ELI 7 days prior to program commencement if they have not received a letter of denial or are still waiting for their visas. A full refund of fee balance will only be granted provided that the ELI receives the letter of visa denial within 30 days of its date of issue.

To apply, fill out our Group Booking Form and email the completed form to

Once your Group Booking Form is approved, an invoice for your outstanding balance will be sent to you with your acceptance package. You will have until the Final Payment Deadline to pay your full fees. The $850 per student deposit will hold your spots in the program until full payment is received.

If you decide to cancel your registration, please refer to the Deadlines tab. The $850 deposit is non-refundable.

Please note that ASPIRE High School is designed for group bookings, and to commence the program, we request a minimum group size of 10 students.