Homestay gives you the opportunity to live with a Vancouver family, improve your English, and learn more about Canadian life and culture. You may choose Homestay for your entire stay or for a short time (1 month). Short-term Homestay is available if you need a place to live while you look for an apartment.

Homestay Details

You will be sent a pre-departure homestay orientation video after you register for your program. There will also be a homestay orientation on the first day of your program.

What's Included

You will have a furnished room (including a bed, bed linen and towels) and 3 meals a day. This includes a packed lunch on school days. You will have your own bedroom with a place for studying. In special circumstances, you may share a room with another ELI student. Homestay students typically use local transit buses to travel to UBC from their homestay.

Host Families

Host families are interested in foreign students and are happy to include them in their daily family life. ELI Homestay placement staff visit each host family and take special care to place students with families who have similar interests. Host families are selected carefully with your safety and comfort in mind.

Canadian host families come from many different cultures. They may be from Canada, Europe, Philippines, China, India, South America or other parts of the world. A host family may be a family with or without children, an older couple, a single parent, or even a single person. ELI families may live in apartments, small houses or large houses. In Canada, bedrooms may be on the first floor, second floor, or in the basement. Families may or may not have a car. Many Canadian families keep dogs or cats as pets in their homes. Once you are matched with a host family, please email them to set up a Zoom or FaceTime appointment to introduce yourself. 

Homestay Move In Date

Students are permitted to move in to a homestay up to 2 days before the start of their program.

To respect the privacy of UBC ELI host families, ONLY students in the UBC ELI Homestay program may contact their host families. NO other persons are permitted to visit or contact UBC ELI host families.

Homestay Fees

The Homestay placement fee is paid directly to the ELI and the Homestay fee is paid directly to the host family. All fees are in CAD.

Homestay Placement Fee
paid to the UBC ELI (non-refundable)
Homestay Fee
fees paid to your host family (includes meals)

$37/night - EAP/VEEP 
$40/night - GCE/BE 

How to Arrange for Homestay Accommodation

To arrange for Homestay Accommodation, please check the appropriate box when you fill out the accommodation placement form.

Cancellation of Homestay or Moving

Students must give 14 days' notice before moving or leaving homestay.

Campus Stay in Residence is also available during the summer months. Learn more here.

COVID-19 Disclaimer

If you test positive for COVID-19 and need to quarantine for an extended period of time, you may not be able to stay in homestay accommodations. Our homestay placement team will support you in moving to alternate or private accommodations, which may be charged at a higher nightly rate. Students will be responsible for this additional cost if private accommodation for quarantine is required. You can also find self-isolation accommodation options and information here.

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