Homestay Host Families

How to Become a Homestay Host Family

It is important for students enrolled in the English Language Institute (ELI) to have the opportunity to experience life in an English-speaking environment. To enhance language learning, we recommend that students live where English is spoken. Homestay offers students a home away from home, where they can practice English outside the classroom and learn about Canadian life and customs.

The ELI regularly recruits host families for our Homestay program. Host families may be couples with or without children, single parents, empty nesters or single adults. Students participating in the ELI programs and Homestay are mainly from Asia (Japan, Korea and China), Mexico, South America, Europe and Canada.

Homestay hosts must:

  • be located in Vancouver less than 1 hour from the UBC campus by bus
  • have a good command of the English language
  • be committed to providing a supportive, English-only environment conducive to language learning
  • commit to spending at least one hour per day with your student and include them in as many daily family activities as possible
  • be willing to help students adjust to a new culture
  • be open to learning about other cultures and exchanging ideas
  • provide your student with a fully furnished room including a desk
  • provide three meals a day
  • be available to host during the summer months

The remuneration per student for 2021 is $40 per day for students in programs of up to 4 weeks duration and $37 per day for students in programs of more than 4 weeks duration.

Apply to be a Homestay Host

In order to be considered as a Homestay host, please download, complete the application form below and read the homestay handbook. ELI Homestay staff will visit selected homes in order to view the amenities, answer questions and discuss the Homestay experience. Homestay staff members are available to assist students and host families throughout the homestay period.

Download host family application form