How to Apply

Step-By-Step Application Instructions

1. Consult your nearest Canadian visa office about visa requirements, and to find out how long it might take to process your visa application. See the Visas and Study Permits section of Frequently Asked Questions for more information.

2. Take the Preliminary English Test to check if your English level is high enough to apply to the English Language Institute (ELI). If you pass the test, read the ELI Policies, Mandatory Medical Insurance information and then fill out and submit the ELI application form. You will get a confirmation email as well as a payment information email. Please note that we will test your English again with our online placement test once you have registered, and if your score indicates that you are a beginner, we may recommend you attend a different school.

For the English for Academic Purposes (EAP) program and the Vancouver English Experience Program (VEEP), your deposit payment is CAD$600 for each session you apply for, plus a CAD$150 application fee. For all other programs, your deposit payment is CAD$300 for each program you apply for, plus a CAD$150 application fee. The table below shows examples of different deposits and payments:

EAP / VEEP Program Deposit Application Fee Total Deposit Payment
One Session or Term $600 $150 $750
Two Sessions or Terms $1,200 (2 x $600) $150 $1,350
GCE / BE / Explore (non-bursary only) Program Deposit Application Fee Total Deposit Payment
One Program $300 $150 $450
Two Programs $600 (2 x $300) $150 $750

You may make your payment by credit card (Visa or Mastercard only), bank draft or wire transfer.

3. As soon as the ELI has processed your completed ELI application form and payment, we will email you a Letter of Acceptance, a receipt and a pre-departure handbook. If you require a hard-copy because you may need these documents to support your visa application, we strongly recommend you to take advantage of the courier service offered by the ELI.

4. As part of the documents emailed to you, you will receive a Letter of Acceptance. If you are applying for a study permit to come to Canada, you must take the Letter of Acceptance, a valid passport and proof that you have sufficient funds for your stay in Canada to your nearest Canadian visa office. A medical exam is required in some countries. The visa office will issue your study permit or give you an introduction letter, which you must show to the immigration officer when you arrive at Vancouver International Airport. The immigration officer will issue your study permit.

5. Complete the online ELI accommodation placement form if you want Homestay, pre-Homestay accommodation or campus accommodation. Once you submit the form, you will receive an email with payment instructions. Space can fill up quickly, so apply early to avoid disappointment.

6. The ELI will email a confirmation of your accommodation shortly after receiving your payment. Students applying for Homestay will receive information about their host family two (2) weeks before the start of the program.

Please note that Homestay is available starting two days prior to the program's start date. Once the program has begun, you will attend a homestay orientation.

7. The CAD$300 program deposit (CAD$600 for EAP and VEEP) guarantees you a place in the program until one month before the program start date; one month before your program start date you must pay the balance of your tuition to guarantee your place. The balance of tuition is the tuition fee minus the program deposit. We will continue to accept payments and applications until the program is full.

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