Medical Insurance

You are required to have adequate medical insurance to enrol in English Language Institute (ELI) programs. The ELI’s medical insurance provider is iMed, managed by David Cummings Insurance. This medical insurance will be effective for the duration of your ELI program. iMed fees will be included in your final tuition balance.

A copy of your iMed card will be emailed to you during the first week of your program from David Cummings Insurance. You must carry your iMed card with you at all times in case of medical emergencies.

With your iMED card, you don’t have to pay for your visit if you see a doctor at the Student Health Service at UBC or the University Village Medical Clinic, and Khatsahlano Medical Clinics. Medical benefits cover emergency hospitalization and medical services (including out-patient treatment at a doctor's clinic) for an unexpected sickness or injury. View the David Cummings Insurance website for detailed information about iMED and the full policy.

You can see a doctor in any other clinic or hospital in BC but you may need to pay in advance. View the David Cummings Insurance website for instructions on how to submit claims and how to download claim forms.

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