Explore English – ONLINE

Improve Your English Fluency & Accuracy

Explore English focuses on speaking fluency and accuracy. Classes provide you with language instruction and practice along with opportunities to explore global topics through collaborative group work, facilitated discussion, and interaction with guest speakers.

Who it’s For

Canadian students who have received a bursary from the Council of Ministers of Education Canada (CMEC).

International and Canadian students who have not received a bursary are welcome to apply for the On Campus version of this program.

Dates & Fees

See Program Dates & Fees.

Explore English Program Frequently Asked Questions

The CMEC bursary covers all program fees and classroom materials. The bursary does not cover your refundable deposit.

There are approximately 150 bursary students in the program plus some international and non-bursary students. Each class has approximately 18 students.

This program is offered online OR on campus. Dates and fees for the online and on campus versions are the same.

UBC does not give credit for the program, but you may be able to get credit from your institution. At the end of the program you will receive a certificate that includes the dates of the program and the hours attended. Transcripts are mailed a few weeks after the program end date. Please reach out if you require additional documentation.

How to Apply

You must be 18 years old or have graduated high school.

Please review our How to Apply page and ELI Policies before applying.

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