Student Life

Make New Friends, Learn About Canadian Life & Customs

Your ELI experience isn’t just in the classroom!

We have a team of Cultural Assistants – friendly and energetic UBC students – who are here to help you adjust to life away from home.

Cultural Assistants do everything from help you make new friends, teach you about Canadian life and customs, to organize clubs and social activities. They might even join you in the classroom from time to time. Perhaps best of all, you can practise English with them!

Events & Activities

Below are some events and activities that you may have the opportunity to take part in!

International Night

International Night is ELI’s biggest event, where UBC and ELI students get together to enjoy food from around the world as well as cultural performances put on by you! Share your favourite dishes or talents with your classmates, or just come and enjoy the music as we celebrate diversity at ELI.

ELI Summer Barbecue

The weather in Vancouver is so beautiful in the summer, and it’s the perfect time to have a BBQ in the park! Enjoy good food with good friends surrounded by the amazing nature of Vancouver. There are lots of games and activities for everyone to join.

Whistler Trip

Less than two-hour’s drive from Vancouver is Whistler, a world-class ski resort. Whistler was the home of the 2010 Winter Olympics! Get on our bus with Cultural Assistants and tour Whistler Village, enjoy the beautiful scenery and nature, and try some exciting activities.

Downtown Vancouver Tour

In the first week of every program, Cultural Assistants arrange a walking tour of downtown Vancouver and share their knowledge of the neighbourhoods of Vancouver. You will discover some of the best places for sightseeing, dining and recreation, find out where UBC ELI students usually meet for social activities, and enjoy lunch together!

ELI Haunted House Party

Get into the spirit of Halloween by dressing up, having fun and meeting new friends! Find the perfect costume with the help of one of our Cultural Assistant, and tour the ever-popular haunted house.

Online Games

Join students from across all ELI programs in countries around the world for a variety of online games!

Chatting with a Cultural Assistant

Online or in-person, Cultural Assistants are here to help you and sometimes that means having a casual chat!